A great distributor provides quality products, great service and peace of mind.  At MGK Foods we strongly believe that to be true and are always striving to improve our standards.  Our facility has five different temperature zones to provide the ideal storage environment for each and every product.  As a USDA approved and inspected facility, we operate under the highest industry standards.

A modern up to date warehouse is only half the battle, however.  Our refrigerated trucks ensure that these conditions are maintained in transport, never breaking the ‘cold chain’ standard.  This process ensures our customers receive the products in the same condition as we did.  Having the distribution part covered in such a way allows us to focus on the most important part, acquiring only the finest products.

When most distributors are looking to bypass steps to cut every last cost, MGK Foods sticks to our ‘handpicked’ approach that has gotten us to this point.  We inspect and shop multiple vendors and local growers on a daily basis when purchasing our produce.  One farm may have the best tomatoes one day, and a rainy day later, the worst. This step cannot be duplicated when buying from brokers across the country.  Sometimes, the old fashioned way is still the best.  Additionally, our meats are bought from top farms and manufacturers to meet our standards.  As with all our products, our goal is to provide top quality at competitive prices.